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We Are Digital Marketing.

The Blue Gremlins are a Digital Marketing Agency for businesses focusing on developing your web presence and marketing strategies. We are your one-stop-shop for your business Digital Marketing needs.

Our Services

Below are the marketing services we have to offer you and your business:

Web Design Services

We build SEO driven websites, meaning they are designed to be found. We build 95% of them on the WordPress platform because it is well maintained #1, but it’s also very powerful. (Find out why we use WordPress). All of our websites are also responsive meaning they look good on any device. 

SEO Services

 SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is an organic process and algorithm that helps make sure your website ranks high in the search engines for your keywords and phrases. It is definitely one of the most important factors to a successful business on the Internet. If no one can find you, what good is a great website? Let us create you an SEO strategy today!

Social Media Services

Our Social Media Strategy services are tailor-made for companies that want to engage their customers in social media. We provide targeted social media strategies that help businesses make the best use of their resources while using the power of social media to expand their brand’s reach.

Corporate Branding Services

If you’re going through a corporate re-branding or making new identities for your products and services, The Blue Gremlins can help. We can work from your branding guidelines or create a whole new campaign for your business. If you have a corporate entity, product or service in need of basic branding we can help.

Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing is a key part of your website’s livelihood. It takes a good strategy to win for sure. You have to factor in so many things. There are click-through-rates, conversion rates, how a campaign impacted a certain email, or how much traffic your site is generating via your campaign. A good email marketing campaign is a necessary tool for marketing your website.

Blog Creation Services

The Blue Gremlins offers custom WordPress Blog design and development services. Custom blog solutions enable you to provide a seamless experience from website to blog. We believe that if you serve your customers fresh content — then you can count on them coming back again and again. When designing your blog we also keep your SEO efforts in mind, therefore, increasing your brand’s exposure.

All of our business digital marketing services require that your website be built on the WordPress platform. If your website isn’t on WordPress, we can help you transition over to it. If you would like to move your website over to WordPress simply fill out this form and one of our team will get right back with you. If you’re curious about all the benefits of WordPress and why we chose to use it, check out our Website Design Service Page for more details.

Recent Web Design Projects

Below you will find some of our Web Design work.

Jamo Track’s mission was simple. To provide high-quality audio files at an affordable price. And to provide top-notch news regarding the audio industry. The Blue Gremlins did an all-new website plus a complete Corporate Branding Campaign for them. is a website for a ministry started by Judy Pogue. Judy travels all over the world sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to hurting people. The Blue Gremlins touched up an existing logo and built an all-new Website. is a website for EzRich, an up-and-coming Hip-Hop artist out of the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. The Blue Gremlins did a complete Website Design as well as all-new Branding for Ez Rich.

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