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Internet Marketing Services Projects:


EZ Rich Music

ABOUT EZ RICH MUSIC: Ez Rich Music is a website featuring the music, videos, and merchandise of Ez Rich, an up-and-coming Hip-hop artist in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. Ez wanted to have a calendar on his website so people could see when his shows were. Ez Rich also works with other artists so he wanted […]


Reliant Rental Car

ABOUT RELIANT RENTAL CAR: Reliant Rental Car is a local Arlington, Texas, business that rents cars. They also have a full mechanic shop that can do everything from oil changes to engine rebuilds. David Coffee, the owner of Reliant Rental Car, wanted to feature his rental car stock online and have an online form where […]


Texas God Chicks

ABOUT TEXAS GOD CHICKS: Texas God Chicks is a Christian Women’s Ministry that was started by Judy Pogue. She was wanting to have an Internet presence so she could sell her books and teachings online. BRANDING: The Blue Gremlins developed some new Branding standards for Texas God Chicks. We also completely redesigned their logo and […]


Jamo Tracks

ABOUT JAMO TRACKS: Jamo Tracks is an online business that sells audio files to musicians. They have music artists on staff that create these audio files for musicians to re-use in their work. Or, if you’re an artist, you can sign up for their Marketplace and sell your own audio files online.  BRANDING: The Blue […]


Musical Gurus

ABOUT THE MUSICAL GURUS: The Musical Gurus is yet another musically rich website for musicians to share their music with each other. The business wanted to establish themselves online and make a dent in the audio file sharing industry. They also have a marketplace for other users to sell their music and an affiliation sign-up […]


Jamo Records

ABOUT JAMO RECORDS: Jamo Records is a record label that first off, promotes its artists online, and secondly, sells their music through their website. Jamo Records was started in 2003 by Jamie Richards, the owner of The Blue Gremlins. His vision was simple, “Produce good quality music for the masses.” BRANDING: The Blue Gremlins came […]

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