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At The Blue Gremlins we design SEO-optimized, responsive websites. Our business e-Commerce websites are built on the WordPress platform. We are proud to be a WordPress design agency. Take a look below at some of the reasons we chose WordPress.

The Blue Gremlins designs its websites one of the most powerful CMS platforms on the market: WordPress. When we researched the market for a platform to use found that none of them matched the power and flexibility of WordPress. It’s not only one of the most widely-used platforms on the Internet, but it’s also the most user-friendly, secure & extremely intuitive. Below are a few facts about WordPress.

 WordPress Dominates 76.4% of CMS Market Share

According to Wappalyzer, WordPress dominates the content management software usage with 76.4% market share.

WordPress is Open Source and Free

WordPress is released under GNU GPL license, which allows anyone in the world to download and use it. The source code is freely available for anyone to study, use, modify, and build upon.

WordPress is Not Owned by Any Company

In order to protect the freedoms offered by open source, WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg created the WordPress Foundation. 

WordPress Doesn’t Have a CEO

Since WordPress is an open source project not owned by any company, it does not have a CEO. The project is run by volunteer developers from all over the world.

WordPress powers a Multi-Billion Dollar Economy

Hundreds of companies and thousands of professionals from all over the world sell WordPress based products, services, and solutions. 

1.48 Billion Plugin Downloads

WordPress plugin downloads crossed 1.48 Billion total downloads in 2016. That’s 48% increase since 2015 when plugin downloads surpassed 1 Billion mark.

WordPress is Used by Governments All Over The World

WordPress powers thousands of government websites in all parts of the world. The list includes dozens of US Federal and State government websites, counties, small towns, high schools, etc.

 WordPress in Education

WordPress is used by thousands of universities, colleges, and schools all over the world. The open source license allow students and academia to study, modify, learn, and contribute to the development of WordPress core, plugins, and themes.

 WordPress is Older Than Twitter and Facebook

The first version of WordPress was released on May 27, 2003. This makes WordPress older than both Facebook and Twitter.

The name – WordPress

Christine Selleck Tremoulet, a prolific blogger and a friend of Matt Mullenweg (co-founder of WordPress), suggested the name WordPress.

WordPress Powers Nearly 35% of All Websites

According to W3Techs web technologies surveys, WordPress currently powers nearly 35% of all websites.

 WordPress is Open Source and Free

WordPress is released under GNU GPL license, which allows anyone in the world to download and use it. The source code is freely available for anyone to study, use, modify, and build upon.

The WordPress facts are taken from the WPBeginner article. To see the full article click here.

Let’s make a killer website!

The Design Process:

We work closely with our clients to achieve a balance between aesthetics and search engine optimization. We don’t design our websites to totally take over the management of them. We give you the tools to handle upkeep yourself if you so choose. If you want us to maintain it, that’s no problem. We just try to offer the self-managed service to see if we can save a little on your pocketbook.

During the design process, our team will work with you every step of the way to build your design options. Once you decide on a final design, we’ll begin working. Even then, you will have the opportunity to see the progress and make suggestions and changes.

“The Blue Gremlins know straetgy. So they know how to build a great website. We increased our walk-in traffic by 25% because of the online-only coupons we offered through our new website. We couldn’t be happier with the results!” – David Coffee, Reliant Rental Car


If you’re interested in managing your own website after it’s designed, that’s not a problem. We give you that choice because it helps out your bottom line. And we seriously understand that. Or if you don’t want to mess with it at all, then we’ll handle it all. You won’t have to worry about a thing. And, down the line, if you decide to manage it yourself, don’t worry, we will provide you with the resources and tools then as well. And give you the support you need. We even offer one-on-one video conference training. With the resources we provide, you would have full control of your website as little or as much as you want. Of course, we will ALWAYS have our hands under the hood making sure everything is updated, secure, and running lightning-fast for you!!

Solid Web Design Strategies Make Better Websites:

We believe in strategy. The best-laid plans come from a well thought out strategy. Part of that strategy is a good set of branding guidelines. If you don’t have any branding guidelines you should take a look at our Corporate Branding Services. We believe when you combine our Website Design Service with a solid Branding and SEO strategy, you’ll increase your exposure which will affect your bottom line, user impressions and sales conversions. Finally, a big part of our strategy when approaching website design is to keep the code lean and mean so it never bogs down your website’s performance. Let us put together a solid web design strategy for your custom website today!


The Blue Gremlins are very excited to offer complete e-Commerce custom-designed website packages with hosting included!! We have chosen d with SiteGround, who are officially recommended by WordPress, and they have the stats to prove it. By choosing this subscription service you can rest assured that your website is secure, fast, and most importantly ALWAYS available for your users. In fact, SiteGround has a 99.9% uptime guarantee, with a historical track record to back it up.

Let us manage your website completely so you don’t have to. If you don’t have the time or the resources to manage your own website, then these plans are designed for you. AND, another critical factor is SEO. So we’ve included in each of our plans an SEO service, and depending on which plan you choose, you’ll get more features. In general, the bigger the plan, the more features you get. But rest assured, we have carefully designed each plan to give you the best bang for your buck with the most features as possible!

With our plans, you can pay by the month* or SAVE 15% and pay by the year. By subscribing to one of our Website Design  & Hosting Plans, that way you’ll only have to deal with one company for all your business marketing needs. If there’s ever a problem with your website, WE will work with 3rd party support. WE will make sure everything is always updated & secure, so you can have peace of mind knowing your website is in tip-top shape at all times. In other words, WE will manage everything for you  so you can focus on managing your business.

Let’s build you an AWESOME website for your business today!

Still have questions? No problem. Simply fill out this form for a FREE consultation and we’ll get right back with you!

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Some of our Web Design Projects’s mission is simple. To provide high-quality audio files at an affordable price. And to provide top notch news regarding the audio industry. The Blue Gremlins totally redesigned their website and did complete Branding Campaign for them.

Texas God Chicks is a Christian Women’s Ministry started by Judy Pogue. Judy travels all over the world sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to hurting women. The Blue Gremlins touched up an existing logo and built an all-new Website. is a website for EzRich an up-and-coming Hip-Hop artist out of the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. The Blue Gremlins did a complete Website Design as well as all-new Branding for Ez Rich.

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