The Blue Gremlins Story

The Blue Gremlins was originally known by the name of WordPress Weavers. WordPress Weavers was started in 2003 and at that time, we only offered WordPress website design services. After a few years, we realized we needed to add more services to our arsenal. So we formed The Blue Gremlins March of 2018.  Jamie Richards, The Head Gremlin, saw a need in the business internet marketing industry for some reasonably priced internet marketing services specifically for businesses. It seemed most of the competition charged way too much for establishing your business presence and marketing that presence online. Not to mention, once these other agencies finish designing your website or setting you up with their services, they would leave you out to dry. These agencies expected you to market your own Business Website,  handle your own SEO Services Campaigns, manage your own Social Media Services, design your own Corporate Branding Identity Guidelines, run your Email Marketing Campaigns and create your own custom SEO-enhanced Blogs, all by your lonesome. We don’t do that here at The Blue Gremlins! We take care of you from start to finish and! Our dedication to you is of the utmost importance to us and our core values.

We’re also extremely excited and proud to be partnered with SiteGround. They are officially recommended by WordPress themselves. So, we have joined together our services with SiteGround’s services so that we can offer you the design, maintenance, and hosting all in one nice and tidy package. This keeps your costs all nice and neat too since you’ll just be receiving one invoice from us for all your Internet Marketing needs. Check out our all-new Website Design & Hosting Plans.

The Blue Gremlins has big plans for the future as well. In August 2020 we will begin offering even more services to help market your business online. We can’t tell you any of the details just yet, but trust us, it’s going to be exciting! We hope that The Blue Gremlins will become your one-stop-shop for your business Internet Marketing needs! We’d be happy to help you with whatever is causing you grief. Let us take over so you can relax and focus on running your business.

Thank you for visiting our new website! We hope you’ll take a few minutes and peruse around at our new services! Best of luck to you & your business! When you win, we win When you succeed, we succeed! Let’s build you an awesome online presence!

Our Motto

The Blue Gremlins Motto is simple:

” We believe that a team of passionate and dedicated individuals can shape the digital world one business at a time. Every day, we aspire to be those visionaries because innovative ideas start with people, not just technology.”

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