EZ Rich Music | The Blue Gremlins

Ez Rich Music is a website featuring the music, videos, and merchandise of Ez Rich, an up-and-coming Hip-hop artist in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. Ez wanted to have a calendar on his website so people could see when his shows were. Ez Rich also works with other artists so he wanted to feature that particular artist on his website as well.

Ez Rich came to us looking to build a business online to sell his music and promote his shows. He also wanted to sell his merchandise, like branded t-shirts and hats. He was building his following so it was very important that he had a website that was responsive and mobile-friendly. So we started on his project and within 3 months had him online, taking orders and we even integrated a calendar so you could see when his shows were. We also optimized the website to make use of SEO best practices so it can easily be crawled and indexed by the search engines. Overall, Ez Rich was extremely happy. We delivered a website that would bring him business and spread the word about his music.

The Blue Gremlins did a complete analysis and assessment of Ez Rich’s current industry and his competitors to get a better understanding of the hip-hop music industry market. We started writing a blog post once a month based on his key-words and posted it to the blog first off, then shared it out to all his Social Media profiles. We set him up with Google Business, Yahoo Business, Bing for Business, and Yelp for Business which over a 3-month period, he saw the results he was looking for. We did all the footwork and Ez Rich has seen a HUGE difference in website traffic and online conversions. We’ve provided him with monthly SEO reports so he can stay on top of his keyword conversions as well as sales from his website.


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