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Jamo Records is a record label that first off, promotes its artists online, and secondly, sells their music through their website. Jamo Records was started in 2003 by Jamie Richards, the owner of The Blue Gremlins. His vision was simple, “Produce good quality music for the masses.”

The Blue Gremlins came up with a strategy and Branding standards for Jamo Records based off of their culture and industry. We laid out all their favorite colors and fonts and images and created a sound branding strategy that would make anyone proud. We discovered our likes and our dislikes really quick. Once we decided on the strategy, the first thing to do was design them a new logo. We wanted to pick a logo that had their name in it, but said “record company”. Click here to see the logo and other custom graphics we did for them. With the new logo, we also designed graphics including their new logo for their branded merchandise. Through The Blue Gremlins corporate identity branding and design services, we helped them create the visual branding guidelines that will help them characterize and understand their business for years to come. If you have a corporate entity, product or service in need of basic branding and/or design, please reach out to us at [email protected] about our Corporate Identity & Branding Services.

Jamo Records came to The Blue Gremlins looking for a new website. They were wanting to sell their music online and spread the word that they were a record label looking for new artists. The Blue Gremlins took the wheel and designed them a totally responsive website, which basically means it looks good on any device (mobile, tablet, etc). We also optimized their website to make use of SEO best practices so it can easily be crawled and indexed by the search engines. Overall, The Blue Gremlins delivered a stellar website and Reliant has noticed a significant increase of people using their online coupons for rentals and store walk-ins. People are complimenting them left and right on their new website and they couldn’t be happier!

The Blue Gremlins did a complete analysis and assessment of Jamo Record’s current industry and their competitors to get a better understanding of their market. We started writing a blog post once a month based on their key-words and posted it to their Blog first off, then shared it out to all their Social Media profiles. They are now represented on Google Business, Yahoo Business, Bing for Business, and Yelp for Business which has increased their walk-in traffic to their store, as well as established their business name and brand on these very important websites that every business that’s concerned about their online activity should be registered with. We did all the footwork and Jamo Records has seen a HUGE difference in their website traffic and online conversions. The last report we sent to them, they were placed in the top 5 on Google for one of their keywords and #2 on Yahoo. Their page views went up astronomically after starting the campaign. They were getting about 150/page views per day without any SEO efforts and after we implemented their SEO campaign, they were getting roughly 12,500/page views per day! That’s an 8500% increase!



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