The Musical Gurus is yet another musically rich website for musicians to share their music with each other. The business wanted to establish themselves online and make a dent in the audio file sharing industry. They also have a marketplace for other users to sell their music and an affiliation sign-up so if you promote Musical Gurus, you’ll get a piece of the pie. The Music Gurus vision is simple, “Think Audio.”

The Blue Gremlins developed new Branding standards for the Musical Gurus. We also re-designed a new logo and created the artwork for their business cards and merchandise that they would be selling in their online store. Through The Blue Gremlins corporate identity branding and design services, we helped them create the visual branding guidelines that will help them to characterize their company for years to come. If you have a corporate entity, product or service in need of basic branding and design, please reach out to us at [email protected] about our Corporate Identity & Branding Services.

Musical Gurus came to The Blue Gremlins looking for a new presence on the web. They wanted to feature audio files on a fast and secure e-Commerce website where people could buy and sell those audio files online. They also asked us to create them a Digital Marketplace where artists could sell, buy or share their audio files with each other. So we took the wheel and designed them a completely responsive website, which basically means it looks great on any device (mobile, tablet, etc). And since Musical Gurus also went with our SEO Service, we optimized their website to make use of SEO best practices so it can easily be crawled and indexed by the search engines. Overall, The Blue Gremlins delivered a stellar website and Musical Gurus has seen a great growth rate since it’s launch. The last website statistics report we gave them had over 5000 audio files that were sold that month and over 8000 shared audio files. People are complimenting them left and right on their new website and the Musical Gurus couldn’t be happier with their results!

The Blue Gremlins did a complete analysis and assessment of Musical Gurus’ current industry and their competitors to get a better understanding of their culture and market. Musical Gurus had us create them a new Blog as well so we could begin posting once every couple weeks posts based on their key-words. And to help their Social Media Campaign we posted it to their new Blog first then shared it out to all their Social Media profiles. Also, they are now represented on Google Business, Yahoo Business, Bing for Business, and Yelp for Business which has increased their walk-in traffic to their store, as well as established their business name and brand on these very important websites that every business that’s concerned about their online activity should be registered with. Since the website’s launch, they’ve seen a daily increase in traffic by roughly 15% over a span of 6 months. The first day the website launched they had over 3.000 unique sessions and made $8,500 in sales!

When the Musical Gurus first came to us they weren’t represented on any of the most important social media platforms. Since they went with our Managed Social Media Campaign, we did it all. We created all their profiles, including descriptions, business information, logos for profile pictures, background pictures for the profiles and we linked all of their platforms to their new website. They had the ability to share any blog post to their social media platforms with one-click. As part of the strategy, we had to first get them registered with Facebook Business page, Twitter Business page, LinkedIn Business Page, Yelp for Business, and Instagram Business accounts. Then we sat down with them and developed a sound Social Media Strategy that should consistently increase their traffic and conversions by 25% in just 6 months. Our goal was to make the free social media market their biggest sales funnel for their business. They’ve risen to the task and become one of our “Champion Clients”.


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