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Texas God Chicks is a Christian Women’s Ministry that was started by Judy Pogue. She was wanting to have an Internet presence so she could sell her books and teachings online.

The Blue Gremlins developed some new Branding standards for Texas God Chicks. We also completely redesigned their logo and created the artwork for their business cards and stationery. Through The Blue Gremlins Corporate Identity Branding Service, we helped them create the visual branding guidelines that will help them to characterize their company from here forward. They can re-use their guidelines for marketing initiatives and even print media. If you have a corporate entity, product or service in need of basic branding and design, please reach out to us at [email protected] about our Corporate Identity & Branding Services.

When Judy Pogue, the founder of Texas God Chicks, came to us looking to build a website that would promote her Christian Women’s Ministry, we were honored she came to us. She was one of the first clients we had so she had a lot of faith in what we were doing. We pulled out all the stops. We did a complete branding strategy and she sat down with us and picked her colors, favorite fonts and so on. So with a complete branding strategy, we were off to the races. At the design phase, we gave her 3 styles of a website to choose from. Then we created her design and let her make comments on it so she could have a say in everything that we did. After she approved the design we started on the building phase. We spent about 6 weeks building her new website. We went above and beyond on this website by including a prayer wall and prayer requests section. People could log in and post their prayer requests and when someone chooses you to pray for, an email is sent to the person that asked for prayer which lets them know someone is praying for you. She loved it! Once we were done, she was even more thrilled! She became one of our biggest and proudest voices in the Christian Ministries industry. 

The Blue Gremlins did a complete analysis and assessment of Texas God Chicks’ current industry and their competitors to get a better understanding of the market. We implemented a blog first and started writing a post once a month based on the key-words we selected in the SEO Campaign and posted it to her, then shared it out to all her Social Media profiles. Texas God Chicks is now represented on Google Business, Yahoo Business, Bing for Business, and Yelp for Business we established their business name and brand on these very important websites that every business that’s concerned about their online activity should be registered with. That alone, in turn, increased her website traffic by 14,000 unique sessions in just 1 month! I think the last SEO results report we sent to them they were at #2 on Google, #1 on Bing and #1 on Yahoo search engines when searching for her two most relevant keywords: “Women’s Ministry Texas” and “Christian Women’s Ministry Text”. Because of this, Judy was and is still extremely happy with the results.



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