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Ez Rich Music Corporate Identity Branding


Ez Rich Music’s Corporate Identity Branding

The Blue Gremlins developed a totally custom branding strategy for Ez Rich Music by studying the hip-hop culture. The hip-hop culture is rich in history and has a lot more roots in soul and jazz music than people recognize. Ez wanted his website to say “hip-hop”. So we started by creating him a very simple logo. He wanted his logo to be his handle for all of his social media profiles; which is pretty smart actually. We also designed all of his concerts and show tickets.

“I couldn’t be happier with the results! The Blue Gremlins did an outstanding job without breaking my checkbook.” – Ez Rich

Other graphics we designed

We also designed the graphics for his branded t-shirts, website graphics, and social media profiles as well. Through The Blue Gremlins’ Corporate Identity & Branding Services, we helped Ez create a complete and visual branding strategy that will assist him in having something else designed in the future. If you have a corporate entity, product or service in need of basic branding and design, please visit our Corporate Identity & Branding Services page for more details.

Below are some of the branding work and custom graphics we did for Ez Rich Music:


Here’s his primary web logo



Here are some of his branded merch.



We designed all of EzRich’s show and concert tickets. Here a just a few.




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