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Jamo Tracks Corporate Identity Branding


Jamo Tracks Corporate Identity Branding

The Blue Gremlins developed an all-new Branding Guidelines and Standards form for Jamo Tracks by creating a solid and culturally-based strategy that fit their company’s “theme” and “vibe”. We designed them with a brand-new logo and created the necessary artwork for their branded merchandise, website graphics, and social media profile graphics. Through The Blue Gremlins’ Corporate Identity & Branding Services, we helped Jamo Tracks create a complete branding strategy that will enable them to go to any other design firm and they could pick up exactly where we left off. Not that we want them to go somewhere else, but you have to think that way.

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“The Blue Gremlins went way above what was expected of them. They blew us away!” – Jamo Tracks Marketing Team

Below are some of the branding work and custom graphics we did for Jamo Tracks:


Jamo Tracks Website Logo


Jamo Tracks Logo Variation



Jamo Tracks branded merchandise



Jamo Tracks Social Media Profile Backgroun




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